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CeSMar is involved in training and research activities through different literary productions:
– the ‘Compass’ – a brief summary of the daily news (la Bussola del CeSMar).
– the ‘Geopolitica-mente’ newsletter – a brief analysis on current topics (Geopolitica-mente Series);
– the ‘Quaderni Strategici’ (Strategic Notebooks) – a deep and comprehensive analysis on current topics;
-the ‘Commenti CeSMar’ -an in-depth analysis of a topic and subsequent actions;
-the ‘Ricerche’- research on topics related to the Italian maritime defence and regarding the interests at sea (Ricerche Series);
-the ‘Diario Storico’- brief historical researches ( Diario Storico Series)

On a daily bases a collection of designed articles – defined as NEWS & UPDATES – are posted on our web site. The subjects represent the starting point of a deepening and independent work. The following brain-storming makes possible to produce the above reports and analysis aimed to allow conscious reflection and stimulate the desire for further study.  
CeSMar has decided to create these tools, addressed to political and military decision-makers, scholars and all those interested in geopolitics and international relations, in order to inform and draw attention to certain maritime issues important to our country.
The topics of interest and study are related to subjects such as Strategy, Planning, Logistics, Intelligence, Cyber Security, Naval and Maritime History and Culture, Ethics and Managerial Sciences, Law, Science, Geopolitics, Analysis of Operational Theatres and Sector Studies, particularly in the Wider Mediterranean area, a naval geostrategic concept.

Interventi CeSMar



Quaderni Strategici

Diario Storico